Bayside Pool Fence Inspections

We all love a leisurely day in the pool at home, especially when summer rolls around. However, whether your property features a small spa area or an expansive swimming pool for the whole family to splash around in, it’s important to invest in a dependable pool fence with self-closing latches and other safety features.

Under State Government regulations, it’s mandatory for any spa or swimming pool more than 30cm deep to be sectioned off with a safety barrier that meets Victorian standards. A pool fence which is non-compliant or uncertified puts the property owner at risk of heavy fines.

Not only is non-compliance illegal, but it presents an extreme hazard, particularly where pets and young children are involved. A Bayside pool fence inspection from one of our trustworthy professionals will provide peace of mind that your property is safe.

How do our Bayside pool fence inspections work?

At Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections, we aim to keep the process as simple and straightforward for you as possible. Once you call us for an over-the-phone consultation, we’ll arrange a convenient time for one of our friendly experts to arrive at your door.

From here, we’ll carry out a comprehensive assessment of your pool fencing and its components (such as self-closing latch, locks, handles, strength and durability of the fence itself, etc.). During this process, feel free to ask us any questions you have about pool safety – we’re always happy to provide informed advice and recommendations.

If your pool safety barriers meet State regulations, we’ll register your property’s compliance with the local council and no further action is required. In the event that upgrades are required, we’ll walk through these upgrades with you and write up a detailed report for your reference. Once the amendments have been made, we’ll come back to approve your upgraded pool fencing.

Your local Bayside pool fence inspection experts

At Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections, our team has years of experience inspecting pool fencing in properties right across Bayside and neighbouring suburbs. We understand the intricacies of Victoria’s pool fencing regulations, and we always arrive on time to ensure our work slots into your busy schedule.

When it comes to reliable pool fence inspections in Bayside, you can trust Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections.

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