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As you are aware, all swimming pools and spas must be registered under Victorian government legislation as of December 1 this year?

In addition, the State Government is introducing a new compliance scheme in order to ensure that all swimming pools and spas are up to safety standards.

Under this scheme all registered spools and spas must then be inspected by a certain date (depending on when they were constructed) and issued with a form 23 certificate of compliance if they comply or a barrier notice if they do not.

As a registered building inspector, Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections holds all the necessary licenses and qualifications to carry out safe and reliable pool inspections in Melbourne households and commercial spaces.

Our services include thorough inspections of:

  • Pool and spa fencing and barriers
  • Gates and hardware (Including access windows and doors )
  • Vegetation, climbable landscaping and furniture in close proximity to the pool
  • Identification of any structural issues around the pool which might affect the safety and compliance of your pool / spa barrier.

In-Depth & Reliable Pool and Spa Inspections

At Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections, our friendly team is highly experienced in carrying out comprehensive inspections of pools, spas and surrounding areas, emphasizing safety and compliance.

If there is any aspect of your pool or spa barrier that does not comply with the regulations, you can rest assured our qualified inspectors will identify it. Following the inspection, our team provides you with a detailed written report to highlight any concerns, along with coinciding photographs.

If you are a real estate agent or agency with a property for sale or for lease, Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections can determine whether or not the pool area meets State requirements.

We Pride Ourselves on Leaving No Stone Unturned

We have earned a stellar reputation across Melbourne for providing homeowners and commercial businesses with peace of mind that their pool area doesn’t pose a potential risk to children, pets or anyone else who might visit the property.

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Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. If you have any queries about our process, or pool safety in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0417 383 332 or via our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist.

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For a safe pool/spa area, here are some things you can do immediately

For those of you with children in the household, there is a plethora of useful information available at Kidsafe Vic. In regards to your pool inspection.

Here is a step-by-step guide to attaining your certificate of compliance:

Step 1: Submit your pool registration to the local council before November 1, 2020. In some cases, your application might require additional documents to be included.

Step 2: Upon receiving your local council’s confirmation letter, which will specify when your pool or spa was constructed, you are ready to book your pool fence and barrier inspection. Please note that when you contact us to arrange a date and time, our team needs to see the confirmation letter from the council. This allows us to determine which guidelines and standards to adhere to when inspecting your pool or spa area.

Step 3: A friendly, highly qualified member of the Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections team will visit the property at a date and time that suits you, and carry out a thorough inspection of your pool or spa area in accordance with Victorian State standards.

If everything is up to standard, we will issue a pool/spa compliance certificate. If there are issues with your pool fencing which need rectifying, we will outline each of these issues in detail as part of our written barrier notice. Once you have made the necessaries rectifications, Melbourne Pool Fence Inspections can inspect your property again at a later date, and issue a compliance certificate.

Step 4: This certificate of compliance must be lodged with your local council for their records, and this remains valid for four years (at which point you will need to arrange another pool/spa inspection).

If you know when your pool or spa was built, the following checklists can help you get an initial idea of potential safety hazards, and flaws in your pool fencing.

What are the Victorian pool fence regulations?

In Victoria, it is essential for pools or spas in residential homes to be surrounded by secure fencing. This is to ensure that the area is safe for everyone to be around, particularly babies and small children.

There are a few different ways you can assess what needs to be installed or maintained in order to keep your pool compliant with the law. The following checklists can help you determine what is relevant to your particular situation, with each option referring to varying dates on which the pool or spa was installed.

Source: Victorian Building Authority, State Government of Victoria.

If you are updating or renovating an existing pool/spa fence or safety barrier, you might require a permit to ensure that the new design still complies with current State regulations. Be sure to seek advice from your local council or building surveyor before commencing work.