Our Services: Swimming Pool Safety & Compliance Inspections

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, customer friendly service.

We provide a punctual, cost effective service that helps you get your swimming pool fence / barriers compliant with the minimum of fuss for you.

We provide an Initial Inspection Service and if required a re-Inspection Service,

This includes a full inspection of the pool or spa barriers and gates to confirm compliance with The relevant Australian Standard ‘Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools’

Note:- see which standard applies to your pool on our regulations / Compliance page.

A detailed report will be provided advising the home owner or purchaser of any adjustments that may be required to achieve full compliance with the standard.

A ‘certificate of compliance’ or a ‘certificate of non compliance’ will then be provided once the pool barrier installation is compliant with the relevant standard.

We will visit your property and undertake a comprehensive inspection of your pool barrier and fence.

Your detailed pool fence reports are easy to read,

They include photos, diagrams and explanations to help assist you in any rectification work that may be needed.

We provide Government Compliance or Non-compliance Certificate available upon completion of the inspection – emailed direct to you for you to lodge with your relevant council.